21st Century Learning.

We want to transform the teaching and learning experience through 21st century skills, technology and sustainable mindset.

Education today should be oriented towards empowering students as life-long learners and change makers in their communities, whilst developing skills and values that encourage personal development oriented towards collective impact.

These Online Learning courses are designed for teachers and education specialists that want to enhance their practice with technology and be relevant to the new generations of learners.

Why ART Academy?

The Power of Online Learning.

  • Everywhere & Anytime

    With ART Academy you will have the power of ubiquity. Learn when you are ready and wherever you are. Just go to your dashboard and begin wherever you left. Nothing can stop us from learning!

  • Skills & Knowledge

    These courses are designed for lifelong learners and education specialists with the tools and trends they need to have a purposeful technology integration in their classroom.

  • Learning Experience

    With ART Academy, you will have the possibility to learn at your own pace, with videos, readings, quizzes, and all the resources to enhance your learning experience just the way you need it.

  • Your Rules

    Learn online with your own rules. Perhaps you want to study one lesson at a time or finish everything at once. With ART Academy you decide.

  • Expert guidance

    ART Computer has +25 years working with educational institutions all over the world. This course was designed by our group of experts for the needs of current educators.

  • Content & Tools

    One of the benefits of learning with ART Academy, is that you will be able to download and use whenever you want all the resources we prepared.

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Everything you need to know.

  • Why ART Computer?

    Our company was born out of the need to transform teaching and learning practices to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our times. Even back then, it was evident that our current education system was designed for another time.

    We believe education has more ambitious goals than just preparing students for entering the workforce. Schools need to prepare students for jobs that have not been created, technologies that have not been invented, and to address challenges that we can’t yet imagine.

  • What is ART Computer?

    For over 25 years, we have worked with private and public institutions throughout the world to bring digital transformation and innovation solutions to Education.

    We partner with schools and ministries to reimagine and create new models of learning for the twenty-first century, unlock the potential of new generations of students, and prepare teachers with the skills and digital tools they need to lead this transformation.

  • Which are your guiding principles?

    Innovation, Creativity, Collaboration, and Transformation.

    And after having worked with over 300 schools, we are convinced that technology offers extraordinary opportunities to achieve this type of learning.

  • Why education needs to be transformed?

    As societies become more interconnected and technology-driven, schools must evolve to ensure students develop the necessary skills to survive and succeed in the twenty-first century.

    We believe it is our responsibility to equip new generations with the skills, tools, agency, and purpose that will allow them to build a better world.

    While the challenge is daunting, we are convinced, it also presents remarkable opportunities for innovation, creativity, collaboration, and transformation at a global level.

  • Who are you as a team?

    We are an interdisciplinary team of consultants, problem-solvers, innovators, and change agents that think and work together to transform teaching and learning experiences with the power of technology to make the world a better place for all.

  • What services do you offer?

    Design an inspiring and actionable path to innovation that connects your institutional identity with the new generations of learners.

    Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your school to provide more accurate, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

    Build a program that empowers and engages your team in a positive and effective manner.

    Consolidate your 21st Century Learning experiences within safe and purposeful digital environments.

    Create stimulating spaces where knowledge, social and emotional skills can be released to their full potential.

    Share your message and get every stakeholder on board with your transformation, empowering them to take an active role within it.

    Access, share, and create information that inspires new best practices and lets everyone be in charge of their own lifelong learning.

  • Why iPad in Education?

    The power and flexibility of iPad give students the freedom to explore and express new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

    iPad has the power to bring their biggest ideas to life. And built-in apps and intuitive software create an incredibly personal learning experience for each student — one that can be as unique as they are.

  • What is iPadOS?

    Built on the same foundation as iOS, iPad has become a truly distinct experience.

    With powerful apps designed for the large Multi-Touch display. A redesigned Home Screen for information at a glance. New multi­tasking tools that let educators and students work exactly how they want with intuitive gestures. A desktop-class browsing experience in Safari on iPad, so web apps work exactly as you’re used to. And an updated Files app for powerful new ways to view, work on and share files.

iPad in Education

The power and flexibility of the iPad give students the freedom to explore and express new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

iPad has the power to bring their biggest ideas to life. And built-in apps and intuitive software create an incredibly personal learning experience for each student — one that can be as unique as they are.

Mac in Education

Mac doesn’t just support learning, it enhances it. Students love the experience of working on Mac because it’s just built to be better in so many ways.

iPad and Mac are both compatible with the software you need to use, like Microsoft Office. They’re built to keep your information secure from the outset.